Welcome! Soul running was born in the heart of a pure runner.

Ever since I could remember my brother and I were always on the move trying to get rid of some of the endless energy load we were blessed with. No matter how long or hard the day was, there always had to be “just one more time”!

After a few decades of running, this feeling has not disappeared and running is still a very important part of my day. My intension to share some of my training and exercise secrets with you is twofold:


  • To help you experience the absolute ambience of running enjoyment again.
  • To assist you in achieving your unique walking, running, cycling or triathlon goals – remember there is no goal too small to aim for.

I think that mentioning a coach to a beginner walker/runner might sounds intimidating, but please don’t let that be your experience. The pleasure to see someone gain small strides and growing towards their goals is just as special as the more experience person achieving theirs.

My style of coaching might differ from the ordinary and it follows a more specific intensity approach rather than a high volume/high mileage traditional way of getting fitter, but also more prone to injury and overtraining. I choose to meet you at your current fitness level, rather than where you were previously in your life.

I offer the following programs:

  • walking (recreational)
  • walk to run
  • running
  • trail running
  • triathlon
  • mountain biking – MTB

All programs are designed around your available time allocated to exercise. I encourage communication via email as this will be your medium to receive all programs.

I am looking forward to being part of this exciting journey to becoming a healthier person with you.

Run well, M


Mauritz Jansen van Rensburg, better known as Mo, is a seasoned athlete who has been running for the last 36 years.

He started off with track and field in primary school focussing on middle distance and high jump.

He achieved provincial running colours in his early twenties for cross country running.

Thereafter his career started blossoming in Triathlon with:

  • South African representation in Triathlon (age group level)
  • South African representation in Duathlon (Elite or professional level)
  • Racing professionally for Montpellier, a club in France during the 1997 and 1998 seasons.
  • Completing six Ironman events including Hawaii Ironman with his fastest finish in 2008 Ironman South Africa in 10h15min.

Running highlights include:

  • Fastest 10km time: 31:06s
  • Fastest 21.1km time: 69:56s
  • Fastest 42.2km time: 2h36:15
  • Two Oceans 56km time: 3h58min

Trail running highlights:

  • Winning the Cape Odyssey 2008 5day/208km trail running race.
  • Winning the Pronutro African X trail race for Veteran teams in 2011.
  • Coming second in the mixed open category at the 2012 Pronutro African X trail race.
  • Part of the winning team at the Total sport challenge in 2009, 2010 and 2012.

Personal highlights:

  • Happily married with two kids.
  • Choose lifestyle above money every day.
  • Move down to George in the Southern Cape to be closer to the mountains and the ocean.

Coach Mo featuring in the Modern Athlete Magazine

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Dear Coach Mo

It’s been two days of recovery and reflection after completing my first ever Comrades! What an experience, so many emotions and thoughts still streaming through my mind.

I just wanted to send you a short note to thank you again for all of your support and guidance leading up to my Comrades race. Your training program and advice leading up to the race was amazing and helped prepare me for what is by far and away the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life! I can truly say that without you I would never have completed it in the way I did, injury free and still able to run all the way through to the finish line (some of my fastest splits in the entire race were, incredibly, in the last 6kms)! I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have had such an exceptional, experienced and dedicated coach helping me achieve something that for most of my life I never thought possible!

I’m looking forward to some well earned rest and recovery before looking for the next challenge, knowing I’ll definitely be in touch with you then to assist again!

As we like to say in our house: “in Mo we trust!”

Thank you so much

Ken Watt
Comrades 2024

Here is the story….

I am 72 years old. I was training for the Ice Marathon when I damaged my knee and had an op in July. After 11 weeks I started training again.
6 weeks ago I started my programme with you not believing I could do much more than walk the marathon. Bottom line? According to my Garmin watch I went from training age 64 to 46 Vo2max from 34 to 40 and top 40% to top 10% in my age…. all in 5 weeks! Omnicron saw our flight to Antarctica cancelled and thus no Ice Marathon. So made lemonade from lemons and ran One City in Port Elizabeth yesterday. Walked 3 mins, jogged 3 mins, walked 2 mind, jogged 2 and repeated for the entire race. Finished in 6 hours 21 minutes.
Impossible to have done this without your programme.

Wallis took 30 minutes off her best time and Ken 25 minutes.

Remarkable! Thankyou.
Clearly….in Coach Mo we trust!!

Derrick Msibi, MD

Coach Mo,

You haven’t heard from me in a while but I thought I would give you feedback. We had set a target of achieving a 3:15 marathon which I did in January 2016 and nailed it with a minute to spare and a tight hamstring at the end. Since Comrades I have been focused on improving my running especially my marathon time which is my favourite distance. I went back to all the programmes you gave me to see if I had followed them properly. I realised that I had cut some corners in some instances and maybe had not been consistent by focusing on quantity (distance and time on my feet) rather than more quality in certain sessions. For example, your programme would say 6×1000 @ 3:59, I would do the first 4 on target and maybe miss the other 2 by 3 or 5 seconds but I would classify this as a “successful” session. I decided to change and rather cut the session when I started missing the time target for the speed sessions. The same applies to non-running activities – core/planks, lunges, squats, skips etc. I was not sure of the benefits and therefore skimped on it I stuck to a 5 day training schedule with an occasional 6th session when needing some time. Without changing the programmes but following them (I did 98% of the activities per the programmes), I am pleased that I improved my marathon time at the Chicago Marathon to 3:07 in October 2016 and followed that up with an 86 minute half marathon at the Gun Run two weeks later. These are personal bests which I am achieving after 20 years of running and at age 47. So I am writing to say thanks for your patience and investment in the training programmes. I have also learnt that the programme helps but also following it properly means that someone can overachieve. I could not have done it without your coaching and encouragement.

I plan to reach out to you for guidance and training programmes for the 2017 Boston Marathon (which I have secured an entry) in April 2017 and the 2017 Comrades Up Run. The 12 month plan is to try a 3hr marathon Sept/Oct 2017.

Be well and again, I remain indebted.

Kind regards
Derrick Msibi
Managing Director

Amanda Arbuckle: Wife, Mom, TV Commercials Producer

It all make so much more sense to me now! Before Coach Mo’s programme I was going out blindly and making very little improvement. My first ever 5km was the 2012 Gun Run – I was running at around 9h30 a km – I managed to finish that in around 46min. I never thought I could run, I thought I would always jog at 9h30 a km, I called myself a jogger. I now run at 7minutes a km on a 5km, that’s after only two months on Coach Mo’s Programme. I am now a runner.

Training with Coach Mo I have consistently run faster and am going out longer and ENJOYING myself! I never imagined running more than 5km before and am now running 10km at 8 minutes a km – this is big in my world! My sights are set on 21km and I know that I’ll get there now. Coach Mo’s programme fits my lifestyle and as long as I put in the effort, I know Coach Mo is there with the advice and knowledge.

Jaco Cilliers: Neurologist and family man

I started with Mauritz’s programs at a very basic level of fitness and progressed to being able to complete two Half Ironman distance triathlons, a full Ironman, as well as several trail running events within one year. Working long hours and still trying to spend quality time with my family, made it impossible for me to aspire to any worthwhile sporting goals in the past. With Soulrunning this has fortunately now changed for good!

There are several advantages of exercising with Mauritz’s programs:
1) The programs are adapted according to your individual circumstances. Your time contraints, goals and equipment are all taken into account and the program is therefore tailored to your own unique sitauation.
2) The constant fear of not training enough for a particular event is eliminated. One can rest assured that the training is enough to reach your goals. Likewise, the chance of overtraining and injury is almost impossible exercising in this manner.
3) Mauritz is available for valuable advice regarding the events itself, most of which he has participated in himself. He will also advise how to adapt the program in unforeseen circumstances like illness or travelling, something which is impossible with a generic program in a magazine or the internet.
I would highly recommend Soulrunning with Mauritz’s programs as a way of reaching your goals. It has literally changed my life! My only regret is that I haven’t heard of this earlier!

Liezanne Botma

“Wow, what an improvement in 12 months time…. January 2013 was the start (with Soulrunning) to my training for Two Oceans 21km 2013 and January 2014 I completed the Ironman 70.3 in 07h39min…. What can I say! all credit to my coach, Mauritz Janse van Rensburg.

Mo, the coach who sends you a good luck mail before the race and knows your results before you can reach the website yourself.

Ironman 7.03 was my biggest achievement yet, but because of my coach, Mo, I am entering for more challenging races now…. Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 2014, Knysna Oyster Big 5 2014 and defnitely Ironman7.03 next year again. Thanks Mo!

Walter Lutsch

“Never having entered a triathlon, I was quite blown away when my friend Pieter Du Preez (a C6 Quadriplegic) phoned me to ask if I would assist him in the Ironman West Australia on 8 December 2013, 18 weeks prior. At that stage, of the three disciplines, I was only running + 10km once a week. Apart from that, I was only CrossFitting 4 times per week. So, I was quite nervous committing to the event – 18 weeks of swimming and cycling preparation. Saying yes to Pieter came with bit of confidence in knowing Mo. I knew that if there was one coach who would be able to get me from zero cycling & swimming to the Ironman in 4 months, it was Mo. And so it was!

Four months later I witnessed history being made in SupaPiet becomming the first Quadriplegic ever to finish an Ironman. I, doing the Ironman as his helper, apart from the running leg where I stayed on the bike, completed the distance with him with ease. At no stage did I feel that I could have better prepared for the event. Having heard the hours that most Ironman athletes put in is estonishing, but with Mo it was always quality over quantity, never training more than 10 hours a week, and that’s what made all the difference in enjoying the journey so much. Thank you Mo!

Ansa van Viegen: Housewife & Mother of a 1 and 5 year old

“I have been training with Mauritz for a year and it has made a tremendous change in my life, training and race results. Before I started with Soulrunning, I used to train 6 days a week, getting bored with running, had the occasional injury or two and was not getting any faster! I only train 4 days a week now, enjoy every training session and have not had any injuries! I can run the same route over and over but no run is the same! Shorter training sessions consisting of high intensity speed work resulted in a decreased marathon time of 22 min in only one year.

This guy knows what he is doing, and even when I don’t believe in myself, he believes in me and gets the results! Thank you, Mo!”

Danie Van Jaarsveld: Businessman / Entrepreneur / Family Man

“The general perception regarding endurance events is that the training consumes many many hours, which puts tremendous strain on other important aspects like relationships, families, work etc. With that in mind I did not even consider entering for a long endurance event.

However, Mo has a different approach. He taught me his “Ironman for the family man” principles, which entails shorter, high impact sessions and also creative ideas to fit training into a busy schedule and to include the family in the training process. I applied those principles with great success. In spite of a very demanding job, a big family and many church activities I’ve managed to complete events like the Cape Epic, Ironman, Hobbit 100km trail run, etc. Thank you Mo!”

Jan Swanepoel: Anaestheologist

“As a professional balancing career and family, Mauritz has helped me to structure my training with advice and key workouts to enable me to compete in events such as 70.3 Ironman and Sani2C.”

In Jan’s case it was challenging to help a guy with a really long working day to fit in training that would be effective for the small amount of time he could delegate to it. It was great to see him showing some positive results by sticking to core sessions. I know Jan trusted me enough that I would not leave him out cold coming race day, the specific workouts and tips did help getting him to the finish line.

Jean Fourie: Businessman and Cycling store owner

“Really an awesome and very nice experience training with Mo. His training was spot-on and exactly what I needed to improve my Iron man run time by 45min. I like his approach as a coach and human being!”

Jean is one of those special athletes who would do whatever the coach tells him and even add on some more. It was definitely new for him and me to reduce our training load to my more intense lower volume method of training. Especially for races like Ironman and Comrades where mileage is king! This is the approach I still implement for endurance training.

Franna Vorster: Multiple Ironman and SA Triathlon team member

I am a triathlete, duathlete, mountainbiker and multisport athlete since 1992.

Mauritz van Rensburg is a good friend and triathlon training partner for many years.
When I start to train with Mauritz in 1996 “something” happened with my running ability and running experience:

  1. The first thing that happened was that I enjoyed running like never before.
  2. There was a consistency in my performance.
  3. I didn’t suffer from injuries like before.
  4. Mauritz helped me to set some goals and helped me to achieve them consistently.
  5. Mauritz used my present performance ability and used my PB’s to work out a scientific running program.

It was easy to work with Franna as we became good friends and trained together for many years, we could iron out what worked and what did not. One thing we both realized is that Triathlete’s are mostly over-trained, that is how many of my current methods came about.

Mauritz J v Rensburg:
This is where it all started in the early 90’s when Triathlon were growing out of its newborn skin. Coaching in this new sport was unheard of and we had to learn by trial and error, mostly error though. As I persisted and discovered that trying to fit in three disciplines into a week without overtraining is virtually impossible, experimenting with lower volume but higher intensity paid off.

I ran my fastest Marathon 2h36 with a program suited for 10-15km races.

I did my quickest Ironman 10h15 with only 6 hard sessions a week.

Win the 2008 Cape Odyssey 200km, 5day trail run event with strength training and cross training.

We are all unique individuals that respond different to training loads, but hopefully I have iron out a lot of maybes via my own running career and will meet the beginner to the Elite in their march towards a laid out goal.

Run well.



Cape Town Marathon

This is a special project that we are tackling together. I have joined forces with my brother Jacques to assist all of you with a personalized program to make your Cape Town Marathon run a memorable occasion. We have learned some valuable lessons in our running careers that need to be passed on to the next generation of runners.

We have a standard rate of R450 per month (4 week program). Please complete the regular questionnaire on my site “sign me up” and we will assist as soon as we receive your request.

Best in running,
Mo and Jacques Jansen van Rensburg

Click here to download Jacques Jansen van Rensburg’s CV

Click here to go to the Cape Town Marathon website

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